HOw it works
- No Experience Necessary
- Beginners Are Preferred
- No scams
- No B.S.
- No Fake ''1-Click'' Systems To Try
- No Fake Actors
- Live Proof and Live Case Studies
Be a fox, See the world
Joshua 256 223 4565 Look here for the people working with us and there contact information or email Look here for the way this works:
YOUR responsibilities:
1. Make contact with our recommended owner operators in any
    field but mainly tourist related,and recommended local businesses..
2. Explain how it work works and how we are here to help
   them have a better life.
3. When they say yes sign me up.
    A. Take photos of anything that might be of interest.
    B. Get all information about the business on the recorder..
    C. Get their website name if they have one, so we can
        direct people there from our sites
    D. Build the site and and let them see it online. You will 
         be doing this on location soon. Before you leave his 
         place the website will be up.
4.  Check on your people from time to time. Let them know
     you are working for them.
5.  MAKE sure the business meets our approval,
       Fair prices, Friendly people, Fun, and no Fear (safe)
6.Get at least 7 facts about their business  ,year opened etc. so we can put the business in the coming  online trivia game.Trivica

Your Commission for the above is %20 of any return
    Example we rent a room of  your client for $60 you make  
    $12.   We we have a contest and give a room away and   
    they chose your client for the room you make the same as 
    we do zero. BUT that is how we build the business for us 
    all, that same guy may rent the room every year from now
    on and you make the fee each time as long as you are   
    working with us..  

Food, depends on the restaurant type , from 5 to 8 meals
a month. 

Always ask any question..
We are Looking for EVERY Owner Operated business that has good service or  product at a fair price.  We are ready to make life a little better.  is going to tell the world about the best places to sleep, invest, shop, tour, dine  or play.  If you see them here, they are Recommended by FunrunnersFoxes.  .   We do alot of things,  feed the kids starts soon,   R U Single?   Lets do a movie about your beach, Hotel, Tour, etc, in . Get involved in life   Start thinking OUTSIDE of the Box, as a matter of fact throw the  Box away. Times are going to be lean, we need each others help. Sign up...Be 1 of us. We only work for owner operated businesses.

Say you are a team leader you have 5 ladies in your team.your team goes to superior grill and talks to the managerand explain we have selected superior grill tp be one of our recommended business. We will talk about them on our radio podcast, and have singles late lunches there and the foxes will invite singles to the late lunch at 2, we will put superior grill on our trivia game. Look them in the eye and tell him the foxes are here to help him get more business his cost is 5 meals a month we will use for prizes
,he will first say that would be $50  a month , you again look him in the eye and ask how many people eat alone, he will probably have 2 ½ price meals and 2 new customers instead of 1
Bar give 4 $25 bar tabs a month, hotels giv 3 to 5 rooms a month, any owner operated business we can help
You make 20% of any profit from people you sign up and 5%of any profit your team signs up. A lot more but this is the shoty and skinny of the deal. We are going to go from atlanta to panama city every exit will have a recommended place.this can getso big.your team could easy sign up 50 bars or more at 4- $25 bar tabs that is $5,000 a month , 20% to you is 1000 a month.there are 100's of businesses  you can sign up .important to get the best team you can together, as long as you are working it you will be paid.
also we will offer the bars events if they want 50 foxes on Friday night we can do that too. The whole point is really be there to help the business they will never leave you. Age do not over look getting some ature ladies in 30's you need a mixture of ages but like a sorority all for 1 1 for all group.
rule  1 nobody leaves the groupwhile we are out. you got the hots for a guy, give him you number and tell him you will be home in an hour. Safety first,
This is not about sex, this is about classy women building a career they can be proud of,sexy but not sex. we will carry a plane load of foxes to costa rica Europe too. get on this train,Ok family first always,but you might think this through if you had a team you could run it from home, nobody will be required to travel josh
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